During tuff times, I tend to bury myself in my work. I’ve come to the realization my mind can be a destructive place if left unchecked. A hole of depression, and oddly sarcastic comedic thoughts. It’s been only a week, yet feels like a lifetime already. Don’t know what to grasp of it. I cherish that I have her personality. It guides me, and no doubt will govern me years to come. I know what I should and shouldn’t do because we’re so alike. People say, “Be like a duck. Calm on the surface, and paddle like crazy under water.” Those that know me say I can be read like a book. Not always the best thing, but hey, it’s me. I’ve had several people check on me this week. All I can say is, emotionally, I’m definitely a duck.
Thank y’all for letting me dump some stuff out.
Love all y’all.
Quack, quack.