As I’ve stated before, inspiration comes to me from all different sources. Yesterday was no different. My latest inspiration came from a young guy named Matt. I say he’s young, because it seams like more and more people are younger than me these days. Anyways. Matt gave me a call inquiring about a part I produce for early Ford cars. During our conversation, he made a very flattering comment about the blogs I’ve written here on our site. Matt’s opinion really struck a cord with me. Most of the time, I write to flush what I have buried in the back of my mind, never really knowing if it will ever reach anyone. Matt assured me they do. At the end of our conversation, we thanked each other for taking the time to chat, and I went back to work. For the rest of the morning I couldn’t get what he had said out of my mind, I had to call him back.

I was raised in a family where your words and actions spoke volumes of who you were. My grandfather told my dad one day, “Boy. You have a good name in the community, don’t do anything to mess it up!”. That simple statement has governed me my whole life. I have several token items left to me from my grandparents, but my most prized possession is their legacy. It was the easiest thing to receive, but has been the hardest to hold on to.

Over the past few years, I have lost several friends and family. Some lived a full life, while some left too soon. Out of all the funerals and memorials, the one thing that has stuck with me was their legacies. With being a professional car builder, I have had the pleasure of being friends with several well known, and respected, builders. Builders who have left an undeniable mark on our industry. Builders that inspire me to produce at the level I do. Builders that have left legacies. In my personal and professional life, I decided many years ago to not be the type of guy I wouldn’t admire. A decision I would quickly realize was not always easy to do. Truthfully. I’ve needed to work on my legacy lately. The proverbial “KICK IN THE PANTS” fits in well here.

My second call to Matt was to thank him for that “KICK”.

I pray I continue to inspire, amuse, or even comfort, with my ramblings.