As some of you may know, a little over three years ago, Dad had an accident in his green ’32 roadster. Unfortunately this wasn’t just a fender bender. Due to a faulty front tire, Dad was pulled off the highway and flipped the car. Over the next few months, Dad began his recovery, as so did the roadster. When you put so much time and effort into a project, it becomes so much of you. This roadster WAS Dad. All the years of dreaming, planing, and collecting parts, was totaled in an instant!

Anytime a person survives an accident like that, one of the first things you hear is, “it’s just a car. i’m glad he’s okay.”. In the average world, that statement is true. In the hot rod world, that statement couldn’t be more wrong. You see. These cars are like family. Some even get treated better than family. For Dad, he felt responsible for hurting a “family” member.

Over the next two years his roadster was lovingly repaired, and reassembled. Through that process, the car actually became better than it had been. Annoying quirks gave way to a well oiled machine. Saturday, July 22 2017, Dad took his first ride in his newly rebuilt 1932 Ford roadster. Watching him pull across the parking lot, I could see the apprehension in his face. I have no doubt that the previous “ride” he had taken was still on his mind. As he drove down the street, the apprehension he once had, quickly gave way to the biggest smile I had seen on his face in awhile! I can honestly say, seeing Dad back in his beloved roadster was one of the best times in my life.

Too many times we are trapped in a self imposed world of shame. Burdened with the memories of our past. The good news is, we don’t have to carry it alone! We have a God who loves us. A God who cares about the trials in our life. A God who forgives our worst deeds. A God who is there to rebuild our broken bodies. No magic words, or no secret handshakes. All that is needed is to simply call out to him. Admit you have done wrong, and that you need God to save you. The Bible says He is just to forgive our sins, if we only call out to Him.

I pray my ramblings may touch your heart.