As my friends already know, I love movies! Action, comedy, and even some “chick flicks” top my list of fun things to watch. Awhile back I had the great pleasure of having a date night with my wife at the movies. With our pop corn and soft drinks in hand, we headed for our seats. Our choice of flix for the night was GOD’S NOT DEAD. Not to spoil the movie, but I want to reveal part of the story to you. In the movie, a young freshman’s Christian beliefs are challenged. Does he follow the other “sheep” in the class, or does he take a stand for his God? Does he bow to the pressure of his loved ones, or does he listen to the “still small voice” in his heart? In the movie, he is forced to prove his God, which he does in spades!

Over the past year my family, my dad in particular, has been through some trials. First was melanoma cancer, second was an accident in his ’32 Ford Roadster, and third was the installation of a pacemaker. Through these tough times, I have found a peace. Peace that only comes from the fact that my God is not dead, but alive and watching over us. You see. My dad was only given a 30% chance of survival from his cancer. The same cancer tumor, that was once the size of your fist, has died and shrunk to the size of a postage stamp. The same God that has healed my dad of cancer, has also used an accident to reveal an irregular heart beat, in which, an installation of a pacemaker has solved. I will be the first one to tell you that watching a loved one go through any type of trial flat out stinks! Even though God has no need to prove Himself, he chooses to do it sometimes solely for our benefit. In fact, in the Bible, he tells us to “test Him, and see if He wont open up His blessings and pour them down upon us”.

Even though I have a banged up dad with a banged up roadster, I still have my dad. God has blessed me the skills to fix the roadster, but I’m leaving the rest in His hands.