Inspiration for me comes form many sources, and at any moment.  This mornings drive  happened to be a morning of inspiration.  Last summer’s drought took a toll on the trees here in Spring.  The once sturdy and tall, have been taken down to just a stump.  In our lives, as with nature, death brings new life.

Me and my wife have several friends with newborns, and as we come off the day we celebrated the love and joy of our Mothers, I can’t help to think of the pain our Moms went through to bless us into this world.  From their pain the beauty of our lives are born.

As a car builder, the creation of a new project can have a similar feel to giving birth. The tired feet, the sore back, the blood sweat and tears, all come into play to bring it into this world.  Like with your child, one of the best feelings is watching it “walk”  for the first time.  Many a time I have watched a car leave and wonder did I do the best I could.  Could I have done better?  The answer in my mind is always YES.  With the pain of busted knuckles, and sore backs comes the beauty of a happy customer.

This fall my son, my youngest, will be heading off to college.  A day me and my wife look forward and dread at the same time.  We are proud and excited of the man God is building, but still, he is our baby boy.  A 6′-4″ baby boy!  Through the pain of our son leaving comes the beauty of God’s plan for his life.

Many years ago, God sent his only son to take on an overwhelming pain for our sins.  In doing this, we are  able to be the beauty He created us to be.  I encourage everyone to accept the gift God gave us with His son Jesus, so that we all can share in His beauty.

Once again, thank you for your time.