As the song goes, The Christmas Season can be a wonderful time during our ever shortening year.  This year was no different.

Last week the lord blessed me with some sad news.  I know “blessed with sad news” sounds very strange, but hang on i’ll explain.  Last week, two of my favorite church friends got the ultimate “hall pass”.  The first received her’s on Saturday the 17th. after a wonderful 91 years on this earth.  The second received his’ on Tuesday the 20th. after a trial with cancer.  Even though we all wish they were still with us, we are blessed to know they are in Heaven.

Both of their services were celebrations of lives filled with God’s wonder, and grace.  Throughout both services,  there was a common final wish.  That wish was that all their friends made it to Heaven.  The Bible teaches us that this body is just a vessel our souls occupy for a short time.  Our main goal should be to focus on our Heavenly body.

A few days ago we celebrated Christmas, not the rapping paper and bows Christmas but the birth of our lord and savior Jesus Christ, Christmas.  As our world gets faster and faster, we move beyond the real Christmas and fall into the trap of X-Mas.  There seams to be a disturbing trend in our world to remove anything pure and holy, and replace it with a “watered down” “one size fits none” sense of spiritualism.

Over two thousand years ago our one true Lord came down to this earth to do but one thing, save us from ourselves.  To save us from the sin we all have inside.  This Christmas season, give your friends and family the best gift of all.  The gift of knowing that you will spend eternity with them in Heaven.  It’s a simple thing to do, no special deeds, no secret handshakes.  Just ask Jesus to come into your heart and take away all the wrong that we all have done, and to be your savior.

This new year, lets move away from spiritualism and move closer to a relationship with Jesus Christ.