As some of you might know, being part of a family business can be tough.  Worrying if there will be enough money for bills.  Worrying if all your workers will make it to work today.  Worrying if your customers are happy with their projects.  These are all but a few things that cloud my mind at any given moment.  To be truthful, there are days that make you cry out “WHY WOULD ANYONE OWN THEIR OWN BUSINESS?”.  At that moment, God drops a message in your lap, “This is why.”.

For a few years now, I have been part of a hot rod forum called  the H.A.M.B..  At times it can be a place of great information, and sometime a place of worthless drama.  The one thing it does best is to join people together that would never have had the chance to meet otherwise.

The other day I got an email  from a man who was in town getting some treatment in our Medical Center.  My heart sank.  When you come here for treatment, it is serious!  In his message, he wanted to know if it is possible to visit while he was in town.  Never wanting to miss a chance to talk about hot rods, I replied, “No problem.  If you come at lunch time, we’ll take ya’ll in the roadsters to lunch.”.  In no time I got an excited reply, “WE WILL BE THERE ON FRIDAY!”.  Happy to help, I stored the date in the back of my mind.  The week progressed at it’s normal stressful pace.  Gotta’ do this, gotta’ do that.  I kinda forgot about their upcoming visit.

Friday rolled around, and like clockwork, Corey and his parents arrived just before lunch.  In meeting Corey for the first time, I could see how the treatment had been tough on his body, but the gleam in his eyes showed it was all good inside!  After the “50 cent tour” of the shop, we hopped in roadsters and headed for lunch.  The weather that Friday could not have been more perfect.   We talked about how God has blessed Corey in his treatment, and what God has done in our business over the years.  The atmosphere at lunch felt like we had been friends for years.  On the way back, Corey’s dad rode back with me.  Our conversation enlighten me on what Corey was going through.  I was ashamed how perfect my life was compared to what he was going through.

As we took pictures and said our good byes, I realized that what ever blessing we were to them, they were ten fold to us.  At times we all have  “can’t see the forest for the trees” moments.  That day, a visit from Corey, cut all the the trees down.

I feel God has blessed us all with a purpose.  After years of  building cars, I now see that my purpose is to bless others with what God has bless me with.  Hot Rods!


How will you use your blessings?